Price Targets for Forex, Crypto and Stocks

We are providing mathematically accurate price targets for smart trading and investing in the forex, crypto and stock markets.

Price Targets Forecasting Method

The forecasting method is based on the concept that the market reversal points (tops and bottoms) are related by the mathematical principles and that there are no single market top or bottom cannot be explained by that principles. By applying a certain mathematical analysis to the historical tops and bottoms, the future price extremes, that will serve as price targets, can be accurately projected.

Visualization of Forecast

The price target forecast generated by the trading system displays its values graphically as lines, and is resulted in sloping or horizontal rays (forecasting lines) plotted to the right of the last price bar on the chart projecting a position of the future tops or bottoms over time.

Bilateral Forecast

At every moment of time there is a forecast of both the future top and the future bottom - the upper and the lower price targets that have the same forecasting power. This allows for modelling the price movement between opposite targets, for assessing risk before actual trading commences, for applying a sensible stop-loss or a pyramiding strategy.

Accuracy of Forecast

Our main objective was to compute precise price targets that an investor can heavily rely on, i.e., to practically forecast a price target with 100% accuracy—for any other percentage makes a speculative trading senseless. That task seemed to be absolutely impossible with regard to forecasting a static point (time and price), while it became quite realizable with regard to computing a price target linear dynamics over time.

Forex Targets

Markets Analyzed:


An optimal solution for quick profits in the forex market with the use of the mathematically-based and time-tested price targets. The targets are produced based on the 1-15 Minute EUR/USD price charts and are intended for trades that last from a few hours to a couple of days.

Estimated trade duration: 3 hours - 3 days

Expected profit: 35 - 45 points

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Short-Term Forex Targets (STFT)

Crypto Targets

Markets Analyzed:


This product is intended for the long-term investments in the cryptocurrency market. Customers are offered price targets that are mathematically calculated based on the 1-Day Bitcoin price chart. An investment period may last several months.

Estimated investment period: 3 -10 months

Expected profit: 5000 - 15,000 points

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Long-Term Crypto Targets (LTCT)

Stock Targets

Stocks Analyzed:

All US Stocks

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This product is intended for the long-term investments in the US stock market. Customers are offered price targets that are mathematically calculated based on the 60-Minute - 1 Day stock price charts. An investment period may vary from one to several months.

Estimated investment period: 1 - 12 months

Expected profit: 15-20% of a stock price change

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Long-Term Stock Targets (LTST)

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