Accurate market forecast

The targets that are reliably reached by the market

Short-term forex targets (STFT)

Mathematically calculated, time-tested forex targets with entry and exit signals. Along with the profit target, the forecast of a potential drawdown is given. The targets are guaranteed to be reached by the market.

Market forecasting method

The mathematical principles relate the market turning points (tops and bottoms) and there are no single market top or bottom that cannot be explained by those principles. By applying a mathematical analysis to the historical tops and bottoms, the future price extremes can be accurately predicted.


The trading forecast displays its values graphically as lines and results in sloping rays that project a position of the future turning points (tops or bottoms). By analyzing historical price extremes, the four* targets are generated: the upper maximum and minimum targets projecting the maximun and minimum position of the future top over time and the lower maximum and minimum targets projecting the maximun and minimum position of the future bottom over time. The target lines can either converge, diverge or remain parallel. Usually, the minimum target line has the same slope as the maximum target line but with the negative sign. The slope of the target lines, as well as their position on the chart, varies with every forecast.

Trading with targets

By identifying a potential trend direction, the profit targets and the drawdown targets are specified. The entry signal is generated when market conditions meet certain criteria in our analysis technique, while an exit signal is generated when the market achieves either the minimum or the maximum profit target. The market always forms new isolated highs or lows by achieving our targets.

Can the market be accurately predicted?

A dream of every investor or trader is to know with certainty the future price of a tradeable asset in the short or medium term. Is it possible to make that dream a reality? Most “experts” claim that such a dream is impracticable, because it is impossible to predict future price. They’ll repeat some mantra about the unpredictability of supply and demand, or offer up something like this: “If people were able to predict the price of anything, they would be billionaires and very well known by now.”

Unlike theorists of market forecasting, our approach is based on the following:

1. The future market movement is predictable.
2. Present and future price movement is solely based on past price.
3. Since the historical prices contain all the fullness of the source data, the forecast of future prices is replaced with the plain calculation.

Our main objective was to develop a system that can generate targets achieved by prices with 100% probability—for any other percentage makes trading senseless. The task seemed to be absolutely impossible with regard to forecasting time and price (a static price target point), while it became quite realizable with regard to computing a price target's linear dynamics over time. Many years of practice confirmed that the calculation algorithm turned out to be correct, and the price reached exactly the target line (forming new price extremes).

Managed accounts

The accounts are managed based on the same trading forecasts which outcomes are published in the performance data.

Switch your trading account into managed in minutes!

Managed accounts

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