EUR/USD Weekly Trend Forecast


Studies have found that the next week's forex trend depends on the previous week's closing price.


The WTF trading signals are designed for weekly trading in the forex market on the EUR/USD currency pair. The signals are generated at the market close on Friday and contain a forecast of the trend direction for the next week.

Trading Algorithm

The WTF signals are generated by the Turning Points Identification trading system (TPI), which uses an algorithm based on a mathematical analysis of the market's turning points.

At the close of the US session on Fridays, the system determines whether the closing price is the next week's extremum or whether a trend continuation is likely to take place. Accordingly, the weekly trend forecast is provided.

Delivery Method

The WTF trading signals are sent to customers by email. The signals are sent in the way of UP or DOWN words.

Closing Signal

A closing or exit signal is not sent to clients. The statistics are tied to Friday's 22:00 GMT time

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