Forex Forecast

Stock targets

The stock targets can be calculated for any stock. The targets will be given for a 1-Day time frame. Below is an example of the forecast that is sent to clients via email in the way of the price chart's snapshot.

Fig.1. An example of the forecast that is sent to clients

Conditions of forecast's delivery

Since the targets of the long-term forecasts may be achieved in a few weeks or even several months, we send clients either new forecasts or forecasts realized by 50-60% and less.

Fig.2. 50% of realization of the forecast

Time of forecast's delivery

The forecasts are sent to clients within 24 hours after the order. In case there is no possibility to generate a forecast at the moment (which fact will be reported to customers after the order), the waiting period can be from several days to several weeks.

Exit signal

As soon as the market achieves the target line, an exit signal is sent to clients.

Fig.3. An example of an exit signal that is sent to clients

Our guarantees

The full refund is guaranteed in case the profit target is not reached by the market within 4 months from the date of the forecast's generation.

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