APT Trading Signals

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To correctly predict the trend is half the battle. Much more important is to know how far the price goes, in other words, to know a price target.


The APT trading signals stand for the Accurate Price Targets and are the snapshots of the EUR/USD or GBP/USD charts with price targets lines depicted directly on graphs. Every signal contains four price targets (2 upper and 2 lower), one of which is determined as actual or a profit target. The signals are generated when a new price extreme is formed on a graph.

A sample of the APT EUR/USD trading signal. The price is supposed to go to the green target line.

Forex Ptice Targets

UTMax - Upper Target Maximal
UTMin - Upper Target Minimal
LTMin - Lower Target Minimal
LTMax - Lower Target Maximal
Red lines - potential targets
Green line - actual target

An outcome

Forex Ptice Targets

Trading Systems

The APT trading signals are generated by the Turning Points Identification System (TPI Trading System) when a new price extreme occurs.

The price targets depicted on the signal's snapshot are calculated and generated  by the Price Targets Forecasting System (PTF Trading System). The PTF system generates four price target lines: the maximal and minimal upper forecasting lines and the maximal and minimal lower forecasting lines. Their position and angle of inclination varies from signal to signal. In fact, the target lines model future turning points' position over time.

Price Targets, Actual Target (Profit Target)

The price target lines are visual investment tools that provide a precise, calculated way to measure a potential market price movement. They give a trader an early indication of where potential opportunities are forming.

The price  target lines are calculated mathematically, are objective and have the same forecasting power. It means that a trader can open position in either direction placing a limit order at the appropriate target line. Though it can work with the sideways trend, one can suffer loss of time and drawdown with the long lasting up or downtrend. So, it is crucial to know which target is to be achieved first, that is to identify the actual price target.

At present our analysis technique allows to correctly determine the actual target in the majority of cases.

This is an example of an incorrect determination of the actual target As one can see, the price reached it only in 5 months.
However, the one who has the time and money would undoubtedly be the winner.

Typical Price Movement

The trading algorithm implies that the price moves from the upper price extreme to the lower maximum price target line and vice versa. In reality the price may also move:

1. To the minimal price target line of the opposite side.
2. To the maximum price target line of its side. For instance, the price moves from the upper price extreme to the upper maximal price target line.
3. The price goes to the opposite target lines but does not achieve any of them forming a new extreme.

An example of the APT EUR/USD trading signals for one month

Signals Dispatch Times

The APT trading signals are sent at about 8 a.m. GMT (7 a.m. Summer Time) as soon as a new turning point is formed. Sometimes, in case of need to make changes, the signals can be sent at any other time.

Delivery Method

The APT trading signals are sent to customers by email. The signals are sent in the way of an attached file in a .gif format.

Exit Signal

An exit signal is not sent to clients. Traders are supposed to place limit orders at the actual target line or wait for a new APT signal that at the same time serves as an exit signal for an open position.

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