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ITF Signals

The trend signals are generated with the use of the CMA trading system.

ITF Signals

ITF signals stand for the Intraday Trend Forecast and are intended for day trading on the EUR/USD currency pair. They are a prediction of the currency direction for a trading day. This forex forecast is produced daily at 8.a.m. GMT and covers both the European and US trading session. The signals may be interesting for both end-of-day and intraday traders.


The ITF entry signal is delivered at 8 - 8:15 a.m. GMT (Summer time) on the daily basis. The signal is delivered by email in the way of UP or DOWN words.

trend signal

We define a trend signal as a forecast of the trend direction of an asset. The trend signals are usually generated when the market is going to reverse.

Market trend

The definitions of a trend vary from source to source, starting from "The direction and momentum of the price of a security or other asset" and ending with the "General direction of a market." However, such statements do not carry any practical payload. Since we adhere to the mathematical approach to market forecasting, we define a trend as the price movement between opposite turning points that are, in fact, trend signals.

Predicting Trends

We identify trends by identifying a turning point. Depending on whether this point belongs to the tops or to the bottoms, a downward or an upward trend is predicted. There are always conflicting trends depending on the time frame being considered. The use of the Complex Market Analysis (CMA System), that makes multiple time-frame analysis for a presence of the valid trend signal, allows one to predict a day trend along with the general trend of a currency.

Time of signals generation

A distinctive feature of our trend signals is that they are generated at one and the same time, namely at 8 am GMT - the time of opening of the European forex session. Studies have found that the price level of the European forex session opening can be considered as a pivot level that remains valid until the end of the day, i. e. until the close of the U.S. forex session. Thus, if the trend of a currency is correctly predicted at the that time, one can safely hold the position until the end of the day, without the need for continual market monitoring.

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