IGTF Trading Signals


The IGTF trading signals are designed for a trend trading in the forex market on the EUR/USD currency pair. They are delivered in the form of UP or DOWN words and may project either a day (intraday) trend of the currency (the European and the US sessions), or a longer-term trend (the general trend).

The signals are generated every day at 8 a.m. GMT (Summer Time).

The signal may be considered as the intraday forecast if an opposite signal is sent the next day. The signal of the opposite direction serves both as the closing signal for an old trade and as an entry signal for a new trade.

The signal is considered as the general trend forecast if a new signal of the same direction is sent the next day. In this case, you have nothing to do but to hold your position.

Entry Level

Studies have found that the price level of the European forex session opening may be considered as a pivot level that remains valid until the close of the U.S. forex session. This means that the currency trend, which is being formed at this time, will last at least until the end of the day. Thus, if one can correctly predict the trend of a currency at the beginning of the day, one can safely hold the position until the end of the day, without the need for continual market monitoring. Also, there is no need to trade intraday, exposing oneself to greater risk (high intraday volatility, the relative weakness of the trade signals).

Trading System

The IGTF trading signals are generated by the Turning Points Identification Trading System (TPI System) and with the use of the CMA method or the Complex Market Analysis.

The TPI trading system can identify turning points on any time frame in a real time mode.

The forecasts are made using a proprietary technique called a Complex Market Analysis (CMA). In the complex analysis, the trading system identifies the market direction by analyzing trend signals occurring on all time frames, rather than analyzing a separate signal on a single chart. The resultant trend signal is thus generated. Along with identifying a daily (intraday) price trend, this method offers a big picture view of the overall price action in the market, which we call the general trend.

In practice it looks as follows. Before the opening of the European forex session the TPI system scans the EUR/USD price graphs searching for the turning point, which is being formed or has already been formed by this time. Depending on whether the price extreme found belongs to the tops or the bottoms, the downward or the upward trend signal is produced. In accordance with the CMA method, this procedure is conducted on all time frames, and either the next short-term direction (usually intraday trend) or the longer-term direction (dominated trend) is identified using a special algorithm.

This method has proved itself well enough to make 200 - 300 pips per month in average.

Signals Dispatch Times

The IGTF trading signals are sent daily at 8:00 GMT - 8-15 GMT or 7:00 - 7:15 GMT Summer Time.

Delivery Method

The IGTF trading signals are sent to customers by email. The signals are sent in the way of UP or DOWN words.

Closing Signal

A closing or exit signal is the signal of an opposite direction that is sent the next day or in a few days at 8:00 GMT. It is also the entry signal for a new trade.

Confirmation Signal

A signal of the same direction sent the next day is just a confirmation signal and does not require any action from the trader.  Neither should you increase your position.

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