EUR/USD Daily Trend Forecast


Studies have found that the price level of the European forex session opening may be considered as a pivot level that remains valid till the close of the U.S. forex session.This means that the currency trend, which is being formed at this time, will last at least until the end of the day. Thus, if you correctly predict the trend of the currency at the beginning of the day, you can safely hold the position until the end of the day, without the need for continual market monitoring. Also, the need to trade intraday, exposing yourself to greater risk (high intraday volatility, the relative weakness of the signals) falls down.


The DTF signals or the Daily Trend Forecasts are designed for trading in the forex spot market on the EUR/USD currency pairs. The signals are generated once per day at the beginning of the European trading session and contain a prediction of the trend direction for the rest of that day.
Day Trend Prediction

Trading Algorithm

The DTF trading signals are generated by the Turning Points Identification Trading System (TPI System).

Before opening of the European forex session the TPI system scans the majority of the time periods of the EUR/USD price graphs searching for a market turning point, which is being formed or has already been formed by this time. Depending on whether the price extreme found belongs to the tops or to the bottoms, the downward or the upward trend signal is produced accordingly.

This method has proved itself well enough to consistently make 300 - 400 pips per month.

Forecasting Errors

Prediction errors may usually occur for the following reasons:

- the trading system too early gives a signal about the formation of a turning point. This usually happens in the case when the turning point is formed on the graph of a large period (from 360 minutes) due to the inherent inertia of large periods. In such cases, the implementation of the forecast may be delayed for one or two days.

Binary Options Signals

The DTF signals can also be used in the binary options trading.

Signals Dispatch Times

The DTF trading signals are sent daily at 8:00 GMT - 8-15 GMT or 7:00 - 7:15 GMT Summer Time.

Delivery Method

The DTF trading signals are sent to customers by email. The signals are sent in the way of UP or DOWN words.

Closing Signal

A closing or exit signal is not sent to clients. The statistics are tied to 20:00 GMT time

"No Signal"

If the market does not give a clear signal, the "No signal" email is sent to clients.

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