Our trading systems were developed based on two concepts:

1. The market turning points (tops and bottoms) are related by the mathematical principles and there are no single market top or bottom cannot be explained by that principles.

2. The historical prices contain all the important information to accurately forecast the future price action.

The turning points analysis is used to accurately project future turning points (price targets) and to identify the ongoing ones.

Turning Points Analysis

Advexsystem - Mathematical Market Forecasting

For about twenty years, the company has specialized in developing mathematics-based systems and methods for trading in the forex market. The company particularly focuses on forecast accuracy.

Two major trading systems were built during that period: The Price Targets Forecasting System (PTF) and the Turning Points Identification System (TPI).

It was proved that by analyzing historical extremes according to specific methods, one can accurately calculate future turning points and thus predict future price targets. That task was put into practice with the PTF system after several years of research. Also, the use of mathematical analysis helps to determine whether the current price is a pivot point, and thus to identify price reversals in a real-time mode. The latter task was accomplished with the TPI system.

PTF System

Years of Development 1997-2004
Full Name Price Targets Forecasting System
System Algorithm Mathematical Analysis of Market Turning Points
Markets / Applicability All: Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices
System Features An accurate calculation of  a price target's linear dynamics over time
Types of Signals Generated STF - Short-Term (Forex) Forecast
FFT - Forex Forecast for Tomorrow
WTS - Weekly Trading Signals
Signals Presentation The trading forecast generated by the system displays its values graphically as lines and results in sloping rays extended into the future.
Price Targets Forecasting Trading System

TPI System

Years of Development 2011-2012
Full Name Turning Points Identification System
System Algorithm Mathematical Analysis of Market Turning Points
Markets / Applicability Forex
System Features The system can identify the pivots in a real time mode and thus determine a price trend  for the near future
Types of Signals Generated ITF - Intraday Trend Forecast
WTF - Weekly Trend Forecast
Signals Presentation UP or DOWN words
Turning Points Identification Trading System

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