APT Trading Signals


Identifying the current trend direction, while important, is not enough. You must also be able to anticipate how far the market will gо.

Every forex trader wants to know with certainty the future exchange rate of a currency in the short or medium term. We have a technology based on the mathematical trading system that makes it possible to forecast (calculate) price targets with high accuracy.


The APT trading signals stand for the Accurate Price Targets and are delivered to clients as a snapshot of the EUR/USD or GBP/USD chart with the price target (profit target) line depicted on it.

Entry Signal

An entry signal is generated when market conditions meet certain criteria in our analysis techniques. The signals can occur any time round the clock but more likely at the US session close (8 p.m. GMT) or the European session opening (8 a.m. GMT). Traders are supposed to enter a trade in the direction of the target line right after receiving the entry signal.
Price Target

Price Target (Profit Target)

Price target lines are visual investment tools that provide a precise, calculated way to measure a potential market price movement. These lines are established by the Price Target Forecasting System (PTF System).

A probability of the target line to be reached by prices in the short-term is 100%, provided that the current market direction is determined correctly and that no new turning point occurs on the price's way to the target. The market trend as well as new turning points are defined by the Turning Points Identification System (TPI System) and are specified daily.

Exit Signal

An exit signal is triggered in the next cases:
1. When the price touches the target line.
2. When a new turning point on the price’s way to the target is detected. In that case the trade may be closed between the entry level and the target line.
Price Target 1

Monthly Performance

During the month, usually, 1-3 clear signals with the potential profit of 100-300 pips appear. Also, there may occur several signals with a potential profit of 50-100 pips.

Trade Duration

Usually, the duration of the trade varies from 2 to 10 days.

Also, we artificially constrain a trade duration of up to three weeks. After three weeks, the trade is considered as closed; the profit/loss is fixed and displayed in the statistics.

Prepaid Pips

The signals are sold in the way of the prepaid pips plans: 100 pips, 200 pips, etc. One benefit of this service is that in case of a loss trade the trader will keep getting signals from the provider till he or she earns the number of pips bought by him/her. Another benefit, if one chooses to discontinue the service, the subscriber can sell back the pips package bought if no pips were gained.

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