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Identifying and predicting trends is important to finding the right moment to buy and sell currencies. We predict trends by identifying turning points, as this method is an objective and accurate way to determine the trend in contrast to conventional approaches such as trendlines and similar nonsense. Depending on whether the turning point refers to the tops or to the bottoms, it signals about the beginning of a downward or an upward trend accordingly.

There are always conflicting trends within a particular currency depending on the time frame being considered. Our proprietary technique of the multiple time frames simultaneous analysis (CMA System) allows to determine a current trend among many ones. We specialize in identifying the day / intraday price direction as well as in the overall / general trend of currencies.

Trend Signals

Price Targets

To be successful when trading on margin, one should be absolutely certain that the probability of the calculated price target to be reached by prices should be equal to 100%, as any other degree of probability makes a speculative trading senseless. Our method of calculating the dynamics of a price target position over time, instead of calculating a stationary price target point (price level), proved to be both reliable and accurate.

Price Targets

Trading Systems

The Advex trading systems were developed based on the two concepts:

1. The market turning points (tops and bottoms) are related by the mathematical principles and there are no single market top or bottom cannot be explained by that principles.
2. The historical prices contain all the important information to accurately forecast the future price action.

The Turning Points Mathematical Analysis is used to accurately project future price reversals (price targets) and to identify the ongoing ones.

Trading Systems

Turning Points Analysis


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