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This site is designed for serious forex investors or traders who are interested in either a one-time or a consistent income from trading on signals.


Trading Signals

Since our trading signals are generated by two independent analysis techniques that are capable of identifying where and how far the market will go, they are divided into two classes:

Trend Signals

Price Targets

Both types of signals are based on the mathematical analysis of the market turning points. The analysis allows to predict potential turning points (price targets) with high accuracy and to determine the direction of the market in different time perspectives.

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Market Forecasting Approach
Advexsystem's approach to forex forecasting.



The mathematical principles relate the market turning points (tops and bottoms) and there are no single market top or bottom that cannot be explained by those principles



Historical Turning Points Analysis

Current Turning Points Identification



Price Targets Forecasting System (PTF System)

By analyzing historical turning points according to a specific algorithm, the System accurately computes a future price reversal that can serve as a price target or a profit target for a trade.

Turning Points Identification System (TPI System)

The System detects a turn in the market trend in a real-time mode and is used mainly to determine exits and entries for positions.

Complex Market Analysis (CMA System)

By making a simultaneous analysis of all major time frames according to a specific method, the System can predict the general trend and the day trend of currencies.

Trading Systems




Turning Points Forecast

Price Trend Forecast

PTF System

TPI System

CMA System

Price Target Forecast
Entries / Exits for Positions
Day Trend Forecast, General Trend Forecast

Predicting Market Trends

Identifying and predicting trends is important to find the right moment to buy and sell currencies. However, generally accepted methods of the trend determination, such as trend lines or a fundamental analysis, cannot, in principle, be credible and are far from the mathematical approach that we adhere to.

We consider a trend as the price movement between the opposite turning points that are in fact the trend signals. By identifying such points, one can predict a potential trend or determine an existing one.

The trend signals are generated by the CMA trading system that has a unique capability to mathematically predict a day trend of a currency as well as to identify its general trend. Two types of the signals are generated: the Intraday Trend Forecast intended for day trading on the EUR/USD currency pair and the EUR/USD Intermediate / General Trend Forecast intended for swing / position trading.

ITF Signals

Intraday Trend Forecast

The signals are delivered daily at

8 a.m. GMT

IGTF Signals

Intermediate and General Trend Forecast

The signals are confirmed daily at

8 a.m. GMT

Identifying Price Targets

Not knowing where to take profits, a trader will never be profitable.

They say that there is no concrete way to calculate a price target. This is not so. We can accurately project a price target by calculating a future turning point, or rather its linear dynamic over time. This technology is based on the mathematical analysis of the historical turning points.

The price target projection generated by the system displays its values graphically as lines and results in sloping rays extended into the future. A trading signal is a snapshot of the price chart with an entry signal and a price target line depicted directly on the chart. A probability of such targets to be achieved by prices is equal to 100%, provided that the general trend was determined correctly. The signals can be safely attributed to the sure win trades.

APT Signals

Price Targets

Forex Investments

If you do not have a ready-to-use and proven trading system that 100% guarantees winnings, then investing in forex is probably the worst investment. You can, of course, find “successful traders” who declare a steady income by managing investors' money. But, as a rule, such traders do not have any coherent trading system, which means your money will constantly be under threat.

Once you are on this site, then you have the potential opportunity to get access to trading signals (whether it is a future price forecast or a trend forecast) that allow you to make a guaranteed profit in the forex market. The algorithm used in the signals is mathematically grounded and tested in practice. Prices for our signals are higher than those of competitors, but there are no analogues on the market.


Prices for Forex Signals - The Result of the Competition or the Crisis of the Industry?

Plenty of sites on the Internet offer foreign exchange signals, forecasts, and trading systems and methods, however at ridiculous prices that would cause doubt even in a novice in the business.

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