1-Day Forex Forecast

Daily Trend Forecast - DTF Trading Signals Daily Forex Trend Forecast The trading signals are generated at the beginning of the European forex session and contain the EUR/USD trend prediction for the rest of that day (until the U.S. session close). The forecast is made based on a mathematical algorithm.

DTF Trading Signals

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High Probability Trades

Price Target Forecast - PTF Trading Signals Forex Ptice Targets These trading signals have been specially designed for the high probability trade on the forex market  The signals contain forex (EUR/USD, GBP/USD) price targets depicted directly on a chart in the form of angled or horizontal rays. The price targets are projected based on the market's turning points analysis.

PTF Trading Signals

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1-Week Forex Forecast

Weekly Trend Forecast - WTF Trading SignalsWeekly Trend Forecast The weekly  trading signals are generated at the end of each week and contain a forecast of the EUR/USD trend direction for the next week. The forecast is made based on a mathematical  algorithm.

WTF Trading Signals

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A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs.

Advexsystem - Mathematical Market Forecasting

For about twenty years, the company has specialized in developing mathematics-based systems and methods for trading on the forex market. The company particularly focuses on forecast accuracy and reliability. Our concept is that the market turning points are related by mathematical principles, and that there is no single market top or bottom that cannot be explained by those principles.

Accurate Prediction of Market Prices

A dream of every investor or trader is to know with certainty the future price of a tradeable asset in the short or medium term. Is it possible to make that dream a reality?

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