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Forecasting Short -Term / Mid -Term Price Targets with Mathematical Accuracy


A dream of every investor or trader is to know for sure a future price or an exchange rate of a tradable asset in the short or medium term. The Advex trading system was specially conceived to generate reliable forecasts of the future price actions of any exchange-traded product, for example, of foreign currencies. That task was put into practice using a mathematical algorithm.


The trading algorithm is based upon the Turning Points Mathematical Analysis as our studies confirmed that the market reversal points are related by the mathematical principles and there are no single market top or bottom that cannot be explained by that principles. .


The mathematical analysis is resulted in the trading forecast displaying its values as sloping rays (forecasting lines) plotted to the right of the last price bar on the chart and models the price target and possible price drawdown position over time.


The forex trading signals are based on the price targets forecast (PTF) and are generated once the system determines an appropriate entry price level - entry signal, and once the price hits the price target forecasting line - exit signal.

Forecasting Accuraсy

We forecast the future price extremes basing on mathematical calculations. Actually we forecast the direction and magnitude of the future changes in the exchange rate. We do not forecast timing! If not to take into account the time factor (i.e. to use an indefinite forecast period), then the forecast would be 100% accurate.
But, of course, nobody will hold a position during an indefinite time. In the real trade the forecasts are limited with the three-weeks forecasting period (in practice the trades last 1-10 days). With such a limit the system still shows much more than 90% of accuracy.

Objectivity of Forecast

The main condition of necessity in forecasting is a lack of source data. Since the historical prices contain all the fullness of the source data, the forecast is replaced with the plain calculation.
A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs.

Our Products

PTF-50, PTF-100

Trading Signals

based on the

Price Target Forecast (PTF)

- a mathematical algorithm applied to predict the EUR/USD rate with high accuracy.

Prepaid Pips

Instead of buying separate trading signals, subscribers are offered the 50 and 100 prepaid pips plans. One benefit of this service is that the subscribers will keep getting signals from the provider till they earn the number of pips bought by them.

The PTF signals may be of interest to investors:

- Who wants to make relatively safe investments in forex market

- Who prefers to trade on mathematically grounded trading system / forecast / signals

- Who prefers swing trading and set and forget signals

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