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Advex Trading Signals

Forex Market

Historical prices contain all the information to accurately forecast the future price of any trading instrument.

The trading forecast generated by our system displays its values graphically as lines and is resulted in sloping or horizontal rays (forecasting lines) plotted to the right of the last price bar on the chart

Forex Market Forecast

End of Day

The trade signals formed at the end of the day almost always determine next day’s trend.

Our studies confirm that the price actions throughout the day are established from the day before, after the US close.
If a trading system can correctly interpret the end of day signals, the need to trade intraday, sometimes exposing oneself to greater risk (high intraday volatility, the relative weakness of the signals) falls down.
An important advantage of trading end of day is that there is no need for continual forex market monitoring.

Market Direction Forecast
A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs.

Will tomorrow be an Up day or Down Day?

MDF Signals

- Market Direction Forecast

An effective technique that makes it possible to forecast the next 1-3 trading days price trend.

How far will the price go?

TPF Signals

- Target Price Forecast

A mathematical algorithm applied to predict the future price of a currency pair with high accuracy.

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