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A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs.


Forex Forecast for Tomorrow

Product's Overview

FFT is a new, powerful tool that gives a trader complete information on the EUR/USD future price actions including price trend direction and price boundaries for the next trading day.

The product may be interesting to both end-of-day and intraday traders.

Signals Delivery

The FFT signals are generated once a day after the US market closes. Then we email the signals to our clients as a snapshot of the 5-min EUR/USD chart with the depicted forecast on it.

Signals Sample



Mathematical Market Forecasting

The trading system has been developed based on the concept that there is no single market top or bottom that cannot be explained by mathematical principles. Concurrently, the historical prices contain all the important information to accurately forecast the future price action.

Prediction Accuracy

The main condition of necessity in forecasting is a lack of source data. Since the historical prices contain all the fullness of the source data, the forecast is replaced with the plain calculation. Our method of calculating a linear dynamics of a price target position over time, instead of forecasting a definite future price level, proved to be both reliable and accurate.

Visualization of Forex Forecast

Every trading forecast generated by the system is resulted in sloping rays (forecasting lines), plotted above and below the last price bar on the chart, which indicate price extremes (i.e. highs and lows) or price target positions over time.


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Jun 2013

 STF-100 service was suspended

Aug 2012

The function of predicting  price movement direction for the next trading day was added to FFT

Jun 2012

STF-100 service (Short-Term Forecasts 100 percent accurate) instead of STF service has started

May 2012

STF service was suspended

Feb 2012

FFT service (Forex  Forecast for Tomorrow) was launched. 

Dec 2009

STF service (Short-Term Forecasts) instead of STFS  was launched. 

Jan 2008

STFS service (Short-Term Forecasts and Signals) was launched. 

Dec 2007

Managed accounts service was suspended.

Apr 2004

Managed accounts service was launched.

 Mar 2004

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