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MDF Signals

These trading signals are designed for daily trade in the forex market, in particular, on the EUR/USD currency pair. The signals are generated by the trading system which uses an algorithm based on a mathematical analysis of the market's turning points. At the beginning of the European session the system determines the day's extremum and provides a forecast of the trend direction until the close of the market. Hence the name of the signal – MDF or the Market Direction Forecast.

By scanning all time periods (from 5 minutes up to a week) at the time of issuing the forecast, the use of MDF signals often allows us to determine both the day's extremum, and the global pivot point, which significantly reduces the risk of margin trading.

The trading signals may be of interest for forex end of day traders (in-average 300-500 pips per month), and for binary options traders (about 80% of correct predictions). The price for the signal may be attractive to medium and large traders or investors in the forex market.

WPTF Signals

One may say these signals are a “two in one product”. The WPTF trading signals include weekly price targets forecast (hence the name of the signals) and the forecast of a potential reversal point - a reversal signal. The forecasts generated are based on a mathematical analysis of the market's turning points.

The trading signals are sent once a week in a graphical format as a snapshot of the EUR/USD daily chart with the specified price targets and the reversal signal on it.

Although WPTF signals’ concept implies that the market is moving between opposite reversal signals, the presence of price targets allows the trader to assess the magnitude of potential profits. If the market moves against the predicted reversal level, the system accurately calculates a possible maximum "drawdown" which allows the trader to assess risks or to apply the pyramiding tactic.

Briefly, these trading signals are designed for break-even and profitable trade in the position trading and swing trading style.

A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs.
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